Testing Policy

Please carefully read the policy of product testing.

  1. Users must be voluntary to participate in our product testing program.

  2. Users must clearly understand your rights and obligations.

  3. We do not have any mandatory requirements for users, and there is no exchange of benefits. The main purpose of product testing is to obtain customers' real experiences and suggestions for improvement of our products, so as to help us continuously improve the quality of our products and services, and to enhance the value and recognition of our brand.

  4. Users get the testing products by purchasing from Amazon. Due to the safety and reliability of Amazon, which protects the rights and interests of buyers, our product testing program can gain the trust of users and protect the interests of both parties. Here users can get a refund with confidence, if a refund cannot be completed for our reasons, users can directly apply for an order refund on Amazon.

  5. Users who participate in the product testing should feature certain professional skills, like to explore and research new items, and be good at expressing themselves. We require users to submit their Amazon Profile ID in the process of applying for testing products, and our big data analysis will determine whether the user meets our requirements. Only users who meet our requirements can proceed to complete the application, but those who do not meet the requirements will discontinue the application.

  6. After the user submits the order number, we will review the order within 5 working days. If the order is reviewed and approved, we will inform the user in a timely manner.

  7. We will help the user to complete the testing report and complete the collection of testing experience and improvement suggestions.

  8. After successfully collecting the user's testing report, we will make a refund to the user, which is usually completed within 4 working days.

  9. Users who do not get the refund or have any questions can contact your exclusive VIP service manager directly, and we will solve your problems in time.

  10. Testing reports must be true and objective, and excellent testing reports will be shown to a wider viewers.

  11. Users need to complete the current testing task before applying for the next one.