How to Use Self-inflating Sleeping Pad?

A scene using a self-inflating sleeping pad
How Do I Inflate Camping Pad?

A new self-inflating sleeping protection is used primarily for tents, where you simply place it underneath your rest bag or other sleeping accessory to go. But they may also be flexible, with hikers using them to lie down, have a place to sit while you fish, or even stack them up to provide extra back support for those who need it. With all of these great uses, you'll begin to understand why nurturing your resting pad is just as important as your other equipment. 

How do you unfold your camping pad? 
Imagine that you have finally arrived at the campground and wish to set up camp. Of course, the first measure to take advantage of a self-inflating rest pad is to take it out of the stuff sack and unroll it. For safety reasons, you should do this on a flat surface and not unfold it in a place where it could be a possible hazard to your camping pad. Try to keep it away from sharp rocks, tree branches and pine needles.
Once you're ready to inflate, your sleeping pad should be placed directly on the surface, prepared to self-inflate.

How to inflate your resting pad?
Open the valve on the top left or right side of the sleeping pad after unfolding your sleeping pad. Self-inflating sleeping mats have rolling valves that you need to roll to the right side to open. Make sure you do not move to the incorrect side or you will close the valve and even destroy it if pressure is used
Let the pad fill itself. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
Once your mat self-inflates, if you are using it for the first time: over-inflate it. This is very important because you want to set the amount of air in the mat as high as possible.
Even if this is not the best time for you to use the mat, add some air manually for maximum comfort. Add as much air as you want, by inflating the valve on the mat with your mouth.
Turn off the valve. BANG!!! Your pad is inflated. If this is the first time you've inflated it, be sure to have it inflated immediately.

If you think the waiting time for the mat to inflate is too long, you can check out aksoul sleeping pad.

Our Aksoul foldable camping airbed is equipped with a foot pump, with which you can fully inflate the large sleeping pad in 1 minute by simply stomping, saving 40%-50% inflation time. It's more convenient, labour-saving and hygienic. No need to blow by mouth or press by hand

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    All well and good. Am impressed with how easy it blows up with the foot pump. But how the heck do you deflate it???

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