How to Plan a Fun Camping Adventure with Kids

How to Plan a Fun Camping Adventure with Kids

Children's Day is coming! Time to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors with your family! Ditch your phone, tablet, gaming system and other technology for outdoor fun. Here are some ideas on how to plan a fun camping adventure with kids.

1. Choose a camping site
Find those family-friendly camping spots and plan campground activities like hiking, fishing, and more that will keep kids entertained with fun family activities. The beach is a good option when camping in the summer. Watching the sunrise and sunset, catching the sea, playing in the sand, walking, swimming, playing and watching wildlife will make this trip extra memorable.

2. Know your camping environment
Introduce children to camp and teach them to identify plants and animals that may be dangerous. Bring a notepad, pencil, magnifying glass, camera, and binoculars to turn this process into a fun learning opportunity. A blank notebook and some colored pencils, you can record natural beauty; or take photos.

3. Let's play games
Treasure hunt in nature, hiking, racing, fishing, painting, hammocks, learning about flora and fauna... Prepare enough outdoor games to spend an unforgettable camping time with your kids!

4. Create small surprises
When packing gear, include items that kids don't know about, like favorite snacks, like small projectors (for movies) so they can be taken out when kids get bored, or have a breakdown, Keep the kids happy.

5. Confer responsibility
Pitching tents, laying out sleeping pads, setting up tables and chairs, collecting firewood… these are all things kids can do at camp. These jobs allow children to have their own camping experience and learn to cooperate and collaborate.

Whether it's the first (or second or third...) camping, no matter what happens while camping with the kids, it's a very special moment in the family experience. This is an opportunity to share activities with children and develop a lifelong love of nature.

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