Electric Air Pump - A Great Partner for Inflatables

Electric Air Pump - A Great Partner for Inflatables

Why do you need an electric air pump?

When you have an inflatable item, are you going to blow it by mouth or inflate it with a manual pump? I don’t think either of both methods is a good idea, for it is exhausting and takes much time. That is why you need an electric inflator. With an electric air pump, you can easily inflate all kinds of inflatables, such as air mattress, swimming rings, pool floats, and more


What makes AKSOUL Electric Air Pump stand out?


Ease of Use

AKSOUL air pump is equipped with a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can support a long-lasting working time of up to 30-40 minutes, and can be easily charged by a power adapter, laptop, car USB charger or power bank. Besides, owing to its cordless design, our quick-fill inflator can be used anytime and anywhere, no longer restricted by the power supply.


Quick Inflation & Deflation

When having fun outdoors, I am sure that you won’t waste any time. AKSOUL electric air pump will be the right answer for this problem. It is designed for faster inflation and deflation experience. Featuring the air flow of 250L/min, and the pressure of 3300Pa, our air pump can inflate your inflatable items quickly to save much time



If you are looking for an air pump for inflatable pool or other outdoor inflatable items, portability is quite important. Considering of this, our rechargeable air pump is designed with small size (about the size of a palm) and light weight (only 270g). Not only makes it easy to pack and transport, perfect for camping, hiking, beach, anywhere you go, but also ensures you an easier operation



AKSOUL electric air pump includes 3 different sizes of nozzles for various use, suitable for inflating all kinds of inflatables, such as inflatable sleeping pad, swimming ring, inflatable pool, inflatable sofa, air-filled toys, etc.

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