Choose a Perfect Sleeping Pad for Your Adventure

Choose a Perfect Sleeping Pad for Your Adventure

Hearing the call of nature, camping lovers will instantly take their camping gear and start their outdoor trips to the seas, forests, or mountains. It is a good way to ward off stress and get out of the routine, which can help to soothe you and refresh your mind, thus enabling you to embrace your life with a brand-new condition.

Sleeping outdoors can be a wonderful experience. If you are going to spend your night outdoors, taking a good sleeping mat should be among your top priorities, for restless nights will sap all the fun out of outdoor adventures.


Advantages of AKSOUL Camping Sleeping Mattress 


Ease of Use

Our inflatable sleeping mat is equipped with a stomp-to-inflate pump, making the inflation a breeze. Just stomp on the built-in pump repeatedly, then you can finish the inflation in 1-2 minutes, no need to blow by mouth or inflate with an air pump. It can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort required for set up.



One of the important abilities of a sleeping mat is to withstand heat loss to the ground and keep you warm at night, which is measured as its R-value. Our camping mat is designed with different R-values on both sides (green side: R-value 2-3, grey side: R-value 3-4), which works well to stop the heat seeping into the cold ground, also meets your different insulation needs



When looking for the ideal sleeping pad, comfort is obviously one of the most important aspects to consider. AKSOUL sleeping pad is 4 inches thick after inflated, which offers excellent back support, and effectively isolates the cold ground, hard rocks and rough camping conditions. Ensures you the optimal comfort, and you won’t bottom out whether you sit or lie on it.


Size and Weight

With less burden, outdoor trips will be easier and more enjoyable. A too large and heavy sleeping pad may add weight and inconvenience. Therefore, you need to choose a light and compact sleeping pad that can be easily transported wherever you go. Our camping mattress is ultralight and foldable, allowing you to roll it up and easily pack it in your rucksack, suitcase or car trunk.


Get a good camping sleeping mattress that suits you and SLEEP WELL!

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